Learning/Teaching/Training Activities

The final objective of the project is for the students to produce a business plan for their newly-formed company. Each of these activities will focus specifically on one aspect of this plan. The students will give presentations on one aspect they have researched and worked on (for example, new product development and market analysis) and this will be supported by visits to local companies. The local companies will give information about and demonstrate one aspect of the business plan (for example, how they develop new products and analyze the market they operate in). Over the longer-term the seven activities will provide the detailed learning and information the students will need in order to present their final detailed plan at the conference in Romania.

  • C1 – Event Title : “How to set up an enterprise”

Country of venue : France
Event Description : After the welcoming of all the partners for the 1st meeting, we plan to visit companies : 2 companies, a big one (Airbus for example) and a PMI company . The objective is to see and meet partners (workers) of different services in order to draw out a 1st skeleton of what a company must be, whatever the size. We can also study the working of a sole trader, a small and medium sized company and of course a big corporate company like airbus. The SME company that will be studied is Angelizon.
Workshop will be organized with a representative of la Chambre des métiers et de l’artisanat as well as the Chamber of commerce and industry.
Workshop with organizations (PACE ZIR and incubators) which can offer support and assistance (Entreprendre Midi Pyrenees), partnerships (http://www.midipyrenees.fr/-Accueil-Economie-Societe-) while taking into account sustainability. This diversity of structures and networks will allow a global vision of a company .
Intellectual outputs covered : Sketching out the main stages to create a company, Frame of a company (slide show), write questionnaires to be sent to existing companies to ask them their organization chart, their priorities, their concerns, their issues….

  • C2 – Event title: New product development and market analysis

Country of venue: Italy
This activity will focus on a key part of the business plan: New product development and market analysis.
Students will consider different methods that can be used to research economic, demographic and other factors to identify the potential consumer or target market of a product or service.
This activity will include lectures and workshops :

– What is a market analysis
– Methods of market analysis: demographics and segmentation, target market, market needs, competition, barriers to entry, regulation.

There will be several educational visits to different businesses to support the theoretical aspects of the activity:

– A business franchise – Old Wide West, Olbia
– A theme restaurant – Agriturismo, Arzachena
– A Wine Cellar – Sella&Mosca , Alghero
– Meridiana airline – Olbia Costa Smeralda Airpor

  • C3 – Event title: Business finance

Country of event: Spain
This activity will be focused on financial viability research. We are going to organize different lectures, workshops and meetings to give information to the students (and future entrepreneurs) about all the possibilities to get the funding to their projects. Extremadura is one of the European regions with the largest network of resources to provide financial support to the investment projects and our school has enjoyed the cooperation of some of the institutions specialized in financial support, particularly the Chamber of Commerce and the Entrepreneur Support Office .
The specific activities that we are going to develop are:

– Introduction of the concept of cash-flow and its importance in the viability of the project
– Introduction of different sources of funding: bank financing, alternative fundings to new projects (crowd funding, business angels, etc) and European, state or regional grants.
– Examples of inspiring and successful experiences
– Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of different kind of funding
– Calculating the cost of different fundings
– Deciding the best financing structure to our project

  • C4 – Event title: Methods of production and sustainability

Country of event: Portugal
The focus of this meeting will be methods of production. A number of presentations and workshops will be organized to explore the different method that are used and their advantages and disadvantages. As part of this students will also explore the methods used by businesses to maximize their efficiency.

• To start the meeting we will have an introduction to the concept of sustainable and socially responsible with several experts.
• Study case: how the social responsibility change the image of that enterprise.
• Example of how to be sustainable responsible entrepreneur.

1- We will organize a training day/a day on the job- work experience for each student with the aim of understanding the business culture and work methods .
2- This day will be the starting point for a discussion about :
How to be a sustainable/socially responsible entrepreneur?
The students will construct a small guide to socially responsible entrepreneurship in international groups. This will allow the students to compare their different perspectives and ideas.
3- Presentation of their conclusions to all.

During the meeting in Santo Tirso, there will be visits to enterprises that respect the goals that we want to achieve in our project.

  • C5 – Event title: Marketing and promotion

Country of venue: Croatia
To start this meeting, there will be a lecture on the basis of promotional activities given by an economics teacher.
It will be followed by workshops:

1. Introduction of the marketing mix; advertising, sales promotion, public relations and publicity; the Internet marketing, personal (individual) sale and direct marketing- students need to get to know and understand the basic concepts, work on examples of well-known products, and then work in groups:
Products of all partner schools will apply the marketing mix on their produces.
2. Students will choose the target market of consumers for each product, depending on the product that they will work on

– Group work, groups consisting of international students who have to choose communication channels like the media, verbal and nonverbal communication, symbolic communication, learn from the examples and later apply gained knowledge on their own products,
3. Creation of a slogan, leaflet and presentation of your product; advertising on the web; making a video/commercial for a product or service, organizing a game show related to the product using a variety of ICT tools
– Each country works as a group and finally presents their activities
During the meeting in Daruvar, there will be a visit to BIOGAL, dairy company, bee keeping eco farm and rural farm Kovacevic, which provides accommodation and organizes different events.

  • C6 – Event title: The importance of price

Country of venue: UK
The focus of this activity will be the importance of price to the business plan. There will be presentations and workshops looking at the importance of pricing strategies to businesses and why it is important to get the price ‘right’. The students will learn about the different pricing strategies used by businesses from a theoretical perspective. This will be supported by visits to two contrasting businesses to find out how they set their prices and what factors influence the decisions. One of these visits will be to Jo Downs which is a manufacturer of hand made glass products and is based in Launceston. The information gathered will then allow them to decide on the appropriate pricing strategy they will adopt for their business plan.

  • C7 – Event title: Business conference

Country of venue: Romania
The last meeting of the project will take place in Romania and it will include as its main activities the organization of a conference and a trade fair of the virtual companies. These activities will create the perfect environment for the students to display the results of the work developed in their country during the 2 years of the project, as a culmination/celebration of the knowledge and abilities previously acquired.
The conference will take place in an appropriate environment, in the school hall of the new school campus with 100 attending participants as follows:

• teachers and students from the project teams
• representatives of the local business environment
• representatives of several important local public institutions(The City Hall, The County School Inspectorate, The Chamber of Commerce, The Bihor County Entrepreneurs Federation, etc.)
• representatives of the bank system
• successful businessmen who graduated from the school
• students from the high-school
• family members of the students, etc.

The programme of the conference will include the following activities:

1. The presentation of the project (resume, project teams, etc.) led by the coordinator of the project.
2. The presentation of the business plan/business idea-each team will produce a verbal first herpes outbreak and a visual presentation of the product/service
3. The representatives of the business environment will ask students to answer questions related to their business propositions, providing feedback from the real economy in a session of questions and answers.
4. A guest from the private economic environment will present the success story of his business.
5. A guest from the City Hall, the Department of European Projects will present the local opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

The  prizes will be awarded on these categories: best business plan, best business proposal, best presentation, best stand.

  • The trade fair

As part of the same event, a fair trade of the participant companies will be organized in the conference space. Each team from the participant countries will organize a presentation booth of the business they chose. On this booth they will present the materials they made all along the project, in different work-shops. These final products could be marketing materials, such as flyers, catalogues, brochures, business cards or any other materials that can contribute to the creation of a complete image of their company and product or service provided.
The students will stand near their booths and will communicate with the public visiting them, will interact with local businessmen and the members of the judgment panel. By organizing these booths the students will learn to make decisions, they will develop their confidence and communication skills. They will also learn time and resource management.
The recognition and evaluation of students’ activity and entrepreneurial abilities acquired will be made by awarding prizes in a contest relating to the categories mentioned above by a panel made up of local businessmen attending the event. They will give scores and feed-back to the future entrepreneurs.
For the preparation of the conference and the fair trade we will reserve a day when the students have time to prepare their booths and practice the presentations in front of the teachers.