The overall priority and objective of the project is to help to develop and inspire young, ethical entrepreneurs and wealth creators of the future. During the project they will develop a business plan which will be presented at the final meeting. The students will learn a variety of skills including the practicalities of setting up a business and writing a plan. They will work closely with other team members and take on leadership roles. Effective communication and team working skills will be vital if the company is to be successful. Research skills and decision making will also be necessary as the students will need to consider their economic and competitive environment and decide on the direction of the business. At various points throughout the project the students will give presentations about developing a business plan and take part in workshops and visits to already successful companies.
Another priority of the project which the students will need to consider and address is social responsibility. The students will be encouraged to be creative and innovative but they should also consider how their business plan will impact on the social and physical environment.
Successful entrepreneurs can come from any background. Indeed, many young people who may find academic life difficult have the attributes and characteristics to be successful entrepreneurs. A major priority of the project will be to give students from a variety of social and economic background the opportunity to develop their skills.
This is an exciting and ambitious project. There are examples of huge, global businesses that had their origins in school or college based projects; Facebook and Microsoft quickly spring to mind. Young people are very exciting to work with on entrepreneurial projects as they are rarely inhibited by negative or per-conceived ideas and are therefore great sources of fresh, innovative ideas.
The project will support those students who find it most difficult to enter education, employment or training, by supporting them to develop their business ideas. The aspiration is that this project will spark enthusiasm and innovation in students to inspire them to build a successful business.
This project is in line with the EU’s objectives for 2014 – 2020. The main objective of the EU for 2014-2020 is to reduce disparities of economic and social development between member states. These aims are to be achieved through a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion. Also the 2014-2020 EU budget provides significant allocations for SMEs, tourism, support for young entrepreneurs and human resource development.
Our project can support this direction in EU budgetary policies; it gives students knowledge, improves their skills and competencies, creates the context to develop business ideas for which they can access funding after finishing their education, thus turning them into reality. Therefore, our project relates and contributes towards the EU’s strategies for education and economic development.
The project aims for the students to come up with business ideas that benefit the local community. However, today companies grow across national borders, so business methods must be harmonized to provide unified development within EU and also to facilitate entrepreneurship. This project represents an opportunity for students – the future entrepreneurs – to exchange experiences that can lead to knowledge, improvement and harmonization of business practices at EU level.

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